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If you don’t know your ads, know your ads manager.

When you want to be found on Google

Where are you?

Think you deserve better?

Here’s 3 powerful ways The Ads Manager delivers more bang for your Google buck

3 powerful ways The Ads Manager delivers more bang for your Google buck


Google Power Tracking.

No two businesses are the same.

Our unique Google Power Tracking System allows us to analyse your customers conversion journey in far greater depth than ever before. Whether your customers are browsing the web, watching a YouTube video or searching, Google Power Tracking can dig deeper.

100% Trackable, 100% Accountable, 600% More Profitable.


Guided Machine Learning™

Our in house GML™ software allows for us to make bid adjustments for your position on Google more aggressively than Google’s current algorithm.

By adjusting bids in auction, we’re able to take Google’s existing machine learning algorithm to the next level. This means you secure more conversions faster, resulting in less money spent on testing campaigns and more on leads & sales.

We guarantee results in 7 days, or your setup fee is free


Awarded Google Premier Partner.

The Google Premier Partner badge shows that we are in the top 3% of Google Ads agencies in Australia.

You can view our official Google Premier Partners agency page here.


Awarded Google Preferred Partner.

The Google Partner badge shows that specific Partners have passed Google Ads product certification exams and are up-to-date with the latest product knowledge.

Agencies must also present a strong history of retaining customers, increasing account performance and consistantly show activity in optimising client accounts.

You can view our official Google Partners agency page here.

By the way, here’s 3 numbers we think you’ll love...


Client retention rate

We take your business seriously and are the last Google Ads agency you will work with.

By laser focussing our efforts on nothing but Google Ads, we are always up to date with the latest updates, trends and secrets in creating and optimising Google Ads campaigns.

Most agencies have so much going on between Websites, SEO and Socials, that your Google Ads campaigns end up neglected.


Average ROAS

We will scale your ecommerce business. The key to a successful Google Shopping campaign is controlling your product feed.

There are plenty of apps available that will automatically submit your feed to your merchant centre, but how do you manage your products? Categories? Custom labels for better product group organisation?

Our specialised Google Shopping team will manage your campaigns, from feed implementation to profitability.

We're all yours

You matter more than you think. We will never take on a client that operates in a competing industry in the areas that you service. Positions are limited.

When you work with us, we’re committed to growing your business through Google.

Contact us to check availability.

Results in 7 days, or your setup is free.

Our agency was bleeding us dry. We have huge expenses with little result and no sign of things getting better. After talking with Chris and Alicia it was clear that I was basically on a gravy train with no end in sight. We’re now paying around $30 per lead and we’re back on top.
Luke Lange

Director, All Areas Electrical SA

Alicia and Chris are excellent to deal with and are very well priced in comparison to other marketing services I’ve used. Their professionalism and dedication is outstanding. I have found them both to care about the work they are doing and also have a high regard for customer satisfaction.
Monica Mihalopoulos

Director, Beautiful You

As a digital agency, we went through 4 different ‘Google Ads Specialists’ before we were lucky enough to find The Ads manager on Linkedin. We started with one account and after seeing the time, effort and results of their work, we now trust them with all of our client accounts.
Aaron Barnes

Director, TIIAC

I highly recommend this team for your business ad words management team. My business has seen more traction, and the great pricing matched with great communication from Chris and Alicia is wonderful. If you’re on the fence about utilising an Ad Words specialised team, jump and do it!
Melanie Arnold-Stemm

Office Manager, Herbal Connection

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