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Small agency, big results.

We started The Ads Manager to share our knowledge and skills with small businesses, grow them, and take them to the next level.


Alicia has a bachelor of psychological science, a first class honours in psychiatry research and a phd in psychology & criminology. She is also a qualified lecturer and university grader.

After she finished all of this, she got bored and decided to learn Google Ads. 🤷‍♂️

Alicia is certified in all areas and has extensive experience in managing campaigns. Her strengths include ad copy, making data driven decisions and keeping everything extremely organised. She cleans her keyboard and mouse every day, it’s mental.

Her hobbies include staying active, reading and shopping.


She is a terrible cook.


Chris didn’t go to uni because from a young age, he learnt to ‘just Google it’. This gave him powerful on demand knowledge, so he thinks he knows everything.

After working some different roles in other marketing companies, he decided to start his own business and provide real support and real results. The Ads Manager was born.

Chris is certified in all areas and has extensive experience in setting up accounts. His strengths include Analytics, Tag Manager and strategy development.

His hobbies include drums, road trips and comedy.


He is a brilliant cook.

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